Sugar Coated Monsters That Make You Fat

Your diet, your workout and you are amongst those nicest people who generally look after your health and keep a check on your weight and calories. But, still, you are not happy because you are not getting results, the way you expected after all the efforts you take. Sometimes, that little, temptations and cheating in your otherwise disciplined routines may be the sugar coated monsters that are giving you those nightmares.


The tub of your favorite store bought frosting tastes yummy but, it is probably the only food in the store which still oozes out trans-fats. Trans-fats are your worse enemies when it comes to weight loss. The trans-fat lowers good cholesterol and raises bad cholesterol that accumulates around your waistline and makes you fat and bulky. Also, this trans-fat gives rise to various diseases like diabetes and heart attack, as it has a lot of refined sugars that will always keep you FAT!

Soda And Colas

You need no scientist to tell and announce that soda is not good for you. It is like having a glass of water with 10 packets of sugar in it! Yes, plain water is still the best bet. Just to jazz it up, try adding a slice of your favorite fruit and some mint to it. Ban the soda and the colas from your diet completely.

Sugar Coated Cereals

Sugary cereal like the fruit loops and those frosted flakes are everybody’s favorite. But, watch out when you consume them, as they have gluten and sugars that are just not recommended for your weight loss and skin as well. Avoid these cereals and replace them with sugar-free ones.

Oven Fresh Stuff

The doughnuts, muffins and those dessert cakes are something that attracts all of us so easily. They are just too good to resist, but still do resist them, as they are super packed with unwanted dense calories. Also, they are tough to digest and can just sit in there forever. So avoid them.

Thus, these foods listed above are worse of the foods that should be totally banned from your diet! They are sure on the top on the worse foods’ list and definitely the sugar coated monsters that will affect your health, weight, and skin. To speed up your weight loss program, supplement your efforts and diet with an all herbal slimming supplement. Ultimate Slim Pure Select is a great product which is totally free from any side effect and an all natural way to losing weight.

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Sugar Coated Monsters That Make You Fat
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